SOS Rehydrate: TOP SECRET Product Preview for 2014

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It’s been a whirl of an 8 months since SOS opened the doors of our Rehydrated World and welcomed you into it!

In a short space of time we have come a long way and it’s all down to your help and support so THANK YOU! 2013 is but an ember in the fire pit, so what have we got to look forward to in 2014? The Answer… More. Much, Much, More!!!

Here are some sneak previews:

New Flavors:

Blueberry and Citrus are coming off the production line as we speak and will be in all countries we serve by the end of January.

Your feedback is the reason we have chosen to do this.

The Blueberry flavor is more lifestyle survival, providing a sweeter option where you can’t even taste the electrolytes (a favourite of sweet toothed founder Blanca). The updated Citrus is also slightly sweeter but still has the savory taste (a favourite of founder Tom).

Dont worry the original is staying put (a favourite of founder James)!!


100% free from artificial stuff:

Whats even better with the new product is that we will be 100% free from artifical stuff making SOS an even healthier sports drink. The formula stays the same, so you will still get the perfect rehydration mix.


The boxes have had a design tweak to add a flavor tab and make them even more shiny – as if thats possible!!


Coming to Sweatshop stores all over UK!

SOS will be expanding its footprint and launching into UK with Sweatshop ( More on that later, but it’s going to be a blast with an amazing prize on offer. We are also sorting out the online store to make it easier for you to buy in UK.


If there is a store, hotel, gym, airline, university, sports club you think should stock SOS then please tell them they should take SOS and then tell us so we can approach them. Oh, then please go back and remind them!

Dont forget, Online will always be there for you. Please use the coupon: sosthanksu which gives you 15% off online purchases as a member of our rehydrated world.

It’s you who makes SOS what it is and what it can be, so keep sending your pictures / comments to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and lets make 2014 a very fun and rehydrated year!!