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June 2016

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Fancy running a mile?

OK fancy running a mile? Yep that’s 1609 meters or four laps of the track with 9 meters added on to make it the classic running distance known the world over. Former world class miler and SOS aficionado Matt Yates gives you his lowdown of how to piece together the jigsaw that is a mile.… Keep Reading

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SOS tops independent research trial for effective hydration

SOS subjects’ hydration status significantly improved in an independent research trial.   A combined independent study, led by Coventry University and Newman University, in the United Kingdom, analyzed the effectiveness of rehydration beverages following an interval training session in highly trained middle-distance runners.   SOS was compared against an electrolyte sports drink tablet (Nuun) and… Keep Reading

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Triathlon Hydration. Tips from a beginner

One of SOS key sports is Triathlon. To help understand how beginners get through the hydration and fueling we asked one of our ambassadors Cami Straschnoy for her thoughts and learns.   What follows is her view on hydration and we are sure you’ll find it as helpful as we did!   Who is Cami?… Keep Reading

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