PODCAST + GIVEAWAY: 5x IndyCar Champion Scott Dixon


Scott Dixon has won 5 IndyCar Championships, the Indy500, and has the most career wins of any current IndyCar driver.

The physical demands experienced by IndyCar drivers are unlike almost no other. Traveling at speeds that cover the distance of a football field in under a second, drivers have to be incredibly strong to endure upwards of 5 G’s of cornering force for up to 3.5 hours in a race.

Given that that breathing is impossible over certain G-forces, it’s not surprising that the oxygen consumption of Indy drivers is comparable to elite swimmers and distance runners.

The fitter and stronger a driver is, the less prone they are to fatigue-induced errors that can be fatal.

It’s for this reason that the athletes inside must be as finely tuned as the cars themselves, and have led many to become some of the unlikeliest of runners and triathletes.

We sat down to discuss how training for IRONMAN events has helped 5-time IndyCar Champion Scott Dixon of New Zealand, who is married to former British 800m Champion Emma Dixon (nee Davies).

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