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May 2019

Posted on in BLOGS

4 Signs You May Be Over-Training & How to Recover

Overtraining is not just limited to elite athletes. Exercise is used by many to relieve stress, yet an inability to recover because of stress at work or poor sleep generates even greater strain on the body. If you’re intent on sticking to an exercise regime despite a heavy workload or family life, you risk entering… Keep Reading

Posted on in BLOGS

Feeling more tired than usual? Your brain uses a lot of energy.

Being tired from physical exercise is simple to understand: run hard or lift something heavy for a while and you’re going to become fatigued. Yet whether we are exercising or not, our brain is constantly working out. Despite this, we often underestimate the effect of mental fatigue and the consequences of its causes. The brain… Keep Reading

Posted on in BLOGS

Spring Shoe Review + GIVEAWAY: The ON-Running Cloudflow

Review provided from our partners at Runnerstribe.com who are leaders in all things running related. Check them out for the latest running media and products.  Some of us have seen those unique new shoes, the ones with the strange pod-like midsoles.  Fad or legit? We smashed the ON Cloudflows (the shoe that broke the Ironman world record) through 800km of road and trails.… Keep Reading

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