The things that matter most…


Before SOS Hydration became a brand, it was a passion-project; something the founders and our employees truly believe in and have put their lives into. As a company our values have been built on the backgrounds of those who created it and inspired by the many places and communities that we call home.

This is a part of our business that has never been about making money, it’s been about making a difference and is not something we advertise. However, we have now decided to share the stories which help define the moral direction and decisions we make every day.


Our Co-founder James is a former captain in the Army. He has seen first-hand the struggle that many veterans face returning home from deployment, both physically and mentally. Helping those who have put their lives on the line only to then find themselves without the resources they need to get by goes well beyond charity for us, it’s a pillar of our founding.

We have donated to multiple veterans’ organizations such as the Freedom Team and are consistently working on supporting those who are active in the field as well as adjusting back into the community.

Disaster Relief

Another of our founders, Blanca, is a doctor and our formula was engineered to meet the requirements of an Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS) set-out by the World Health Organization. This has allowed us to support both those in distress as well as the first responders and volunteers risking their lives. When water is limited, hydration salts are vital.

Home comes first

Our home state is California, while Colorado was one of the first of our regional offices. Both states have been devastated by forest fires in recent past and our priorities as a company have always been to help those in our home communities before anything else. Our first store was in Houston and we worked quickly to help those in need during the hurricane. Global disasters are a tragedy, but those in the USA are often overlooked.

Direct Relief

Through the non-profit Direct Relief, we will be donating our ORS to help provide essential medical resources for those affected by emergency situations.

Health through sport and the running community

We are a product for those who are active, and as a result are passionate about helping people take control of their health by getting fit. Running is the basis of almost every other sport and doesn’t discriminate based on income or location; anyone can run and as a company of runners we are passionate about helping people improve their lives through the sport of athletics and running.

Achilles International

We have long supported Achilles International, an organization assisting those with disabilities to participate in running events and mainstream athletics to promote personal achievement and enhance self-esteem. This includes helping wounded veterans in their goal of running marathons through the Freedom Team. This program follows the core mission of Achilles International but has been adapted to the specific needs of wounded members of the U.S. military, something we are particularly passionate about.


Between them the three founders there are two little girls with another on the way. James and Blanca have a two-year-old with a second daughter expected soon, with Tom also having a two-year-old. Both of the Mayo brothers were professional in the sport of athletics, while Blanca is entering the world as a liver transplant specialist and gastrointestinal doctor.

Although vastly different, these two worlds are predominately male. The founders are passionate about giving young girls their chance through organizations like Girls on the Run, a non-profit program we have donated to and are hoping to partner with. Girls on the Run works to encourage pre-teen girls to develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles through interactive lessons and running games. As a company we are proud that over 50% of our employees are female.