PODCAST: Tony Payne, Thailand Marathon Record Holder


We sat down with Tony at his altitude base in Manitou Springs in Colorado as he was preparing to qualify for the IAAF World Championships to be held in Doha, Qatar. 

A few months after his record-breaking performance at the Frankfurt Marathon, Tony reveals the changes he has made during his progression as a marathoner and how he balances training and recovery in his role as both a lawyer and a professional athlete. 

With insight into key aspects of his preparation, Tony details areas of improvement that runners of all abilities can focus on to produce their best marathon performance. 

Topics covered include:

  1. Training at altitude 
  2. Preparing for racing in heat and humidity 
  3. Sleep and recovery 
  4. Fueling and hydration before and during a marathon 
  5. The difficulties of ‘tune up’ races during marathon training 
  6. Self-belief 

For more of Tony’s training and racing, follow him on Strava & Instagram 

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