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The experiences from being able to travel are great, but traveling itself can be tough, especially when you’re in the air for 10-15+ hours. The most common side-effect of travel is jet-lag, the symptoms of which generally occur within a day or two of departure and take about a day to recover from per time… Keep Reading

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How To Train Your Mind For Long-Distance Running

Running is as mental of a pursuit as it is physical one. With long distance running in particular, this test of mental endurance and toughness becomes magnified, and is something that even experienced runners have surrendered too. Why Does Mental Training Matter? The exhaustion that muscles experience during running is also experienced by the brain,… Keep Reading

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PODCAST: Tony Payne, Thailand Marathon Record Holder

We sat down with Tony at his altitude base in Manitou Springs in Colorado as he was preparing to qualify for the IAAF World Championships to be held in Doha, Qatar.  A few months after his record-breaking performance at the Frankfurt Marathon, Tony reveals the changes he has made during his progression as a marathoner… Keep Reading

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4 Signs You May Be Over-Training & How to Recover

Overtraining is not just limited to elite athletes. Exercise is used by many to relieve stress, yet an inability to recover because of stress at work or poor sleep generates even greater strain on the body. If you’re intent on sticking to an exercise regime despite a heavy workload or family life, you risk entering… Keep Reading

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Feeling more tired than usual? Your brain uses a lot of energy.

Being tired from physical exercise is simple to understand: run hard or lift something heavy for a while and you’re going to become fatigued. Yet whether we are exercising or not, our brain is constantly working out. Despite this, we often underestimate the effect of mental fatigue and the consequences of its causes. The brain… Keep Reading

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Spring Shoe Review + GIVEAWAY: The ON-Running Cloudflow

Review provided from our partners at Runnerstribe.com who are leaders in all things running related. Check them out for the latest running media and products.  Some of us have seen those unique new shoes, the ones with the strange pod-like midsoles.  Fad or legit? We smashed the ON Cloudflows (the shoe that broke the Ironman world record) through 800km of road and trails.… Keep Reading

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Is It Better To Sleep In Or Exercise When You’re Tired?

What happens when you know you need to get a workout in, but you’re still tired? When should you tough it out and when should you tuck back in? Exercise and sleep are like food and water; they’re two of the most important pillars for overall health, yet most people aren’t getting enough of either.… Keep Reading

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Staying Charged: Electrolytes And Their Role In The Body

The human body is basically a big battery, and it’s made mostly of water. Electrolytes are salts that dissolve into positive and negative charges that conduct electricity in water – of which our body is about 70%. Also known as ions, these charges are crucial because they control the flow of water in our cells and… Keep Reading


How Much Water Should You Drink?

Starting your run dehydrated can make your training harder than it needs to be, while also slowing down recovery. But how much water should you be drinking before and after runs? Water is our body’s principle chemical component. Every cell, tissue and organ in your body requires water to function, and it makes up around… Keep Reading

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The Best Dogs for Distance Runners

Written for Runner’s Tribe & The Source by Sam Burke – Veterinarian, BVMS. Lonely on those long runs? Want a training partner who doesn’t speak? Sounds awesome right?! A well-trained dog might be just what you are after. But buyers beware, not many dogs can handle long runs over hilly terrain, on a consistent basis. I’ve read a lot… Keep Reading

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