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The drinkable IV, SOS Recovery Hydration, has arrived

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The drinkable IV, SOS Recovery Hydration, has arrived


SOS is excited to announce the release of the highly anticipated new addition; the Mango flavoured “Recovery Hydration” formula.


Dehydration isn’t just for the sports field, it’s a round the clock issue, and is the number one cause of daytime fatigue. Within sleek metallic black packaging, the new recovery specific hydration is as effective as an IV Drip for combatting mild to moderate dehydration.


The new formula is in response to demands from our consumers who want something that can tackle dehydration during the daily grind. Be it recovering from an evenings excess*, to staying hydrated from a long day in the office.


SOS Recovery Hydration has been formulated by Co-Founder Blanca Lizaola MD., through applying proven medical and sports science to tackle dehydration fast. Containing the correct balance of electrolytes, no artificial additives and utilising Cane Sugar with only 10 calories per stick, SOS helps you absorb three times more water than water alone.


CEO and Co-Founder James Mayo is ecstatic about the long-awaited arrival of the Recovery formula: “over the past four months we identified that our consumers and athletes daily state of dehydration was a key factor in maintaining a fully functioning body. People were hydrating for a workout but did not treat their bodies the same way when out socializing. The key factor was to develop a fruitier product with the same IV capabilities that satisfies people’s demands to work hard and play harder.  We call it “Lifestyle Survival”.


About SOS:


Founded in 2013, SOS is a doctor formulated hydration drink. SOS is based on the proven science of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Oral Rehydration Guidelines, as well as the American College of Sports Medicine research on dehydration.

New SOS recovery hydration 20ct box
New SOS recovery hydration 20ct box


SOS is free of artificial additives, has 3x the electrolytes of the average sports drink with just 1/6 the sugar. When mixed with water an SOS helps the body to absorb 3x more water than from water alone.


* SOS does not in any way support or encourage underage, excessive, or irresponsible drinking.


James Mayo, CEO & Co-Founder

James is as former professional athlete and Army Veteran.


Blanca Lizaola MD, Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder

Dr Blanca is a qualified medical doctor with a specialty in Internal Medicine and a passionate focus on GI.


Website: www.INEEDSOS.com

Contact: info@sosrehydrate.com

Social Media: @sosrehydrate



Boulder Track Club Joins The SOS Hydration Revolution

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Boulder Track Club and SOS are excited to announce a new partnership that will see one of the USA’s fastest growing running groups introduce SOS as their exclusive hydration supplier.


Since its formation in 2011 by Australian ex-pat Lee Troop, Boulder Track Club has established itself as the gold standard of training groups, combining community and high performance athletics throughout the city of Boulder and state of Colorado.


As a non-profit organisation, Boulder Track Club’s mission continues to be one of creating an identifiable pillar in the community through the sport of running. Within this community focus, the team has continued to produce athletes of the highest calibre, with Laura Thweatt and Sean Quigley currently two of the most versatile and dominant distance runners in the country.


SOS Hydration was founded using the best in medical science and is engineered by a leading doctor and two former professional athletes. Since the company’s inception, SOS has supported athletes across the spectrum to solve dehydration and improve overall performance.


With a similar history of supporting athletes from the ground up, Boulder Track Club and SOS look forward to a shared future within the sport of running.

For more information on Boulder Track Club click here.

For information where to purchase SOS in Colorado please check out the King Soopers Store locations

Rocky Mountain Brew Runs Get Hydrated

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SOS is excited to announce a newly established sponsorship of an iconic Colorado event, the Rocky Mountain Brew Runs.


The Rocky Mountain Brew Runs combines two of our favourite activities, running and drinking beer! Each event takes place at a unique Colorado microbrewery and consists of a 5km run followed by some of the best beer the state of Colorado has to offer.


As amazing as running and beer both are, they are prime causes of dehydration. Fortunately SOS is the cure and will allow runners to enjoy their hard earned beer-rewards without the hangover!


SOS will be joining the series for the first time on July 25th at Golden City Brewing in Golden, Colorado. We’ll have SOS “on-tap” as well as awesome giveaways, including a pair of specialised Marshall Monitor Headphones!

marshall hp

For more information about the Rocky Mountain Brew Runs visit:



For more on Marshall Headphones visit:




For where to buy SOS in Colorado please visit:



Want to be an SOS Ambassador?

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Want to be an SOS Ambassador?

Team SOS

If you love the brand, love everything we have to shout about and want to help influence our direction and growth then we want you to apply!

This isn’t any old ambassador program. We have taken the best of whats out there and personalized it to SOS.  We have even created some limited edition Team SOS packaging as a thank you.

Ambassador Limited Edition Stix

Who are SOS Ambassadors?

SOS ambassadors are serious about staying hydrated as part of living a healthy lifestyle, whether it’s training, going about their day or letting their hair down once in a while.

They’re not professional or sponsored athletes, but they are dedicated to setting goals, pushing themselves and sticking to a plan that will get them their next PR.

SOS Ambassadors embody the brand and its attitude: They’re serious about training and geek out over the finer points of their sport, whether it’s testing new gear, searching for their best-fitting running shoes, tracking stats or tweaking nutrition to give them an edge.

Inasmuch, SOS Ambassadors are influential in their communities; they record the ins and out of their training cycles — not just for vanity, but in order to go back, study and improve the the next round.

They’re willing to endorse SOS — not just because they’ve been offered the opportunity but because they truly believe they have found a product that addresses their needs, and they would like to tell others about it and be seen as somewhat of a subject-matter expert.


What does it mean to be an SOS Ambassador?

Being an SOS Ambassador isn’t just about getting material goods in exchange for a few tweets; it’s about doing something bigger and better — and belonging to a community.

Sure, through the SOS Ambassador program, members will have the opportunity to stay super-hydrated, but it’s about much more than that. It’s about connecting with other people in your sport, bonding over shared passions and helping each other conquer new goals, along with a few surprises along the way.

SOS Trucker Cap

What do you get?

Free box of favorite flavor of SOS, plus a branded water bottle

Branded gear at various stages throughout the year.

Participation in SOS incentive program, which offers a personal discount that grows in proportion to your sales

Access to private Facebook group to connect with other SOS Ambassadors

Bio on SOS website with link to your personal Social Media handle

Exclusive SOS digital badge for social media profiles

Opportunity to post to SOS blog and have it promoted/featured via SOS social channels

Invitations for special events with sponsored athletes, as available


What’s expected in return?

Positively engage in the community, representing SOS

Keep SOS in the loop regarding race schedules so SOS can promote the team and its activity

Possibly be available for guest blogging or SOS events, as desired

Refrain from promoting competitive brands via blogs or social media

Carry an SOS Bottle or wear an SOS tattoo / gear when competing

Post SOS logo/badge on website or blog, and interact with SOS via various social media channels

Provide photos of themselves hydrating with SOS and promote it as their sole hydration product

Promote SOS in local stores that stock SOS through passing out coupons to your community

If possible organize events and give aways to encourage trial

Encourage your community to follow SOS social media



Then please apply HERE to become the pioneering members of Team SOS

Applications close the 16th June 2015


Unfortunately not everyone will be successful this time round and as one of the founders I apologies for this. Nothing personal, we are just opening with a small number to start and in specific locations, so that we get it right for everyone going forward.  We will be reopening applications at the end of the year.

So I thank all of you for your love of SOS and look forward to continuing our journey together!

Welcome to Our Rehydrated World






More information on the SOS Ambassador program can be found HERE


We want you! SOS Ambassador program coming soon

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We Want You For Team SOS!
We Want You For Team SOS!

We Want You!

SOS is launching applications for its first Ambassador program later in the month.

Watch out here on how to apply to join a select band of passionate SOS’ers who will get fun goodies, the first scoop on SOS news, access to our elite athletes and lifestyle champions.

In return we need you to help spread the word and get more people into Our Rehydrated World.  We will also promote your social media site and let you post blogs onto the SOS site.

Cant wait to tell you more in a few weeks.

Exciting times!

The Founders





Hydrating for that Ultra by Cool Impossible Coach Eric Orton

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Running an Ultra?

SOS Champion, author of The Cool Impossible and Ultra coaching legend Eric Orton is todays guest blogger.  He kindly offered his secrects of fueling & hydrating for those loooooong runs.

SOS Eric
Ultra Runner and Coach Eric Orton

Whats the routine pre and during an Ultra?


In general for my training I try to use real food as a pre-run load to help get me through moderately long runs without having to take in fuel during.  So I typically do not use gels. On super long stuff I will carry them with me in case I need them late in the day, but during these runs I like to use more nut based bars, nut based paste / butter and SOS.


I will use gels on a hard sustained run, where the effort remains high and the bar is hard to ingest.  Same with fast races.  My general rule is the longer the race/training, the more I try to rely of solids and nut butter.  When I do use gels, very important to use water to help dilute to help stomach.


I think the general run population has been tricked into thinking they need sugar every 20-30 min during a run. And they are way over consuming – and could possibly be causing more bonking and certainly stomach issues.


I talk more in terms of time spent running versus mileage.  I place more emphasis on vertical gain and time, than miles.


And with this, a big part of my focus is to be able to go light and fast in the mountains and this not only requires efficiency in training, but also in my fuel and hydration needs.  The lighter I can go, the faster I can be – allowing me to be safer and go further in extreme terrain.  This means part of my training needs to focus on preparing my body to require less from hydration and fueling, but still be able to put out. And this is why I love SOS so much because the hydration I do take in, because of the SOS, gives me the biggest bang for what I want to carry – it adds to the efficiency.  I also rely on streams for hydration, which works great with the conveniency of carrying SOS.




The seasons affect the fueling and nutrition due to the different training loads:

In my winter running, which is generally very very slow because of being on snow, I will normally have a serving of SOS before my run and then will NOT hydrate during, upto about 2 hrs in length.  Again, these runs are super slow, with lots of climbing for strength.  And then I will hydrate after with SOS as recovery and water throughout the day.  I am always hydrated and use the day to achieve this.  So I am never going into a run dehydrated.  This is a time of year where my focus is on building strength, develop efficiency fat burning abilities, and establish consistent endurance –  where all of my runs do not exceed 3 hrs, but most if not all of these runs are done on snow trails with vertical gain.  Today was an easy 10 miler, and it had 1,000 ft of climbing.  Wednesday was 10 miles with 2500 ft vertical.  All in cool temps, so not a lot of sweating and I purposefully keep climbing as easy as possible – aerobic.


So again, I can’t express enough that these are mainly for strength and aerobic power efficiency, so they are super bloody slow because of the snow.  Therefore, my body is getting used to providing strength and aerobic power, primarily by utilizing fat as my fuel and the low relative intensity doesn’t require that I need a lot from fuel or hydration.  My way of preparing for long days in Summer/Fall.


Once Spring, Summer and warmer temps hit, typically my SOS use looks like this:

  • Easy runs up to 90 min – just SOS pre-run
  • Short, hard runs or long and moderate of 60 min – 2hrs – SOS pre-run + will carry a handheld bottle with SOS and sip throughout. So going in hydrated so do not need much until 30-40 min in depending on heat.
  • 2 –3 hrs – 2 handhelds with SOS
  • 3+ hrs – 2 bottles of SOS plus reserve + sometimes will carry water in bladder hydration pack  depending on availability of water in mtns. The goal would be to try and get one bottle of SOS in every 90 min, again depending on water availability.  This is why I have to be efficiency, because sometimes I just can’t carry enough for an ideal situation.


Hope this helps all of you ultra athletes out there!  Someday you will have to come out for an SOS R&D mtn run and pull me up these mountains!

what goes up …..

From the chief hydrator:

Thanks very much Eric very helpful and super happy to have you as part of our rehydrated world!!


More information on Eric Orton can be found here.  We totally recommend you sign up for one of his Mountain Running Academys


Of course more information on SOS can be found here: www.sosrehydrate.com

Founders chronicles: I’m a marathoner

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Hi all,

You know something …. I’m a marathoner!!

James here.  As one of the founders of a drink thats focused on keeping you hydrated from activity and / or rehydrating post evening frivolity, I wanted to push my boundaries and reflect in practice what many of you SOS’ers compete in and thats run marathons.

I'm a marathoner
I’m a marathoner!



None of us founders have ever run a marathon so I grasped the short straw and ran with the adventure (no pun intended).  Yes Tom and I have have been fortunate to represent our country on the track, but a red / blue 400m circle and the training that goes with it is a very different proposition to pounding the pavement for 26.2 miles.

It was also in aid of our mum who loves running.  She ran an impressive 3:46 when she was 50. Unfortunately she had a stroke which rather put a cog in the wheel and stopped her (for now).  Though as a tough Yorkshire lass, i was so proud to see her the other day (after learning to walk again) having a little jog in the garden!

She gave me a challenge … to beat her time … Easy .. Not at all!!






Challenge accepted I started training for the Providence marathon in January.  The race was 3rd May.  I called up Eric Orton for some fueling advice – look out for his blog in a few weeks time on ultra fueling.  Got some coaching advice from Mum and our Nike Oregon Track Club head coach Mark Rowland (Toms old coach).  His first comment was something along the lines of “are you’re mad, you haven’t run in ages! This will be a challenge, but i’ll help”

Then it was out onto the open and very snowy roads for a Massachusetts winter.

Rather than bore you with the full ins and outs of the 4 mths training here are some learns:

  • I’m not as fit as I once was!
  • Running in the snow – all 2.75m of it – yes taller than me, was good for the motivation.
  • Run with a group.  It makes those 20milers go by so much quicker plus the camaraderie and a few post run carbs (beers) were brilliant.  Thanks team HHRC
  • Learn what fueling and hydration works for you.  Now I was lucky that I had a few shiny silver stix of hydration happiness to replace the electrolytes and stop the cramping.  Not being biased (just ask any SOS’er) but these were a god send.  I wished I’d had them when competing in my former years.
  • I also needed some carbs en route.  Eric helped me greatly here by teaching me about natural carbs like almond butter.  During long runs I used the gels but they really arent needed every 30min as the packet says.  Great marketing spin by that lot!!  They are useful however and would suggest 1 per hour.
  • Protein was bloomin handy in recovery.
  • Marathon running put a load of stress on my upper legs which was different front track which is mainly calves.  I certainly need to strengthen them if (when) I do another.
  • Massage was very handy be it the roller or the more portable sticks.
  • Keep the style, its easy to sit on your arse when running slower, but I found that when I pulled myself back to a proper running style my heart rate dropped, I became more efficient and I ran quicker with less energy expended.
Thumbs up to training!
Thumbs up to training!

I did have a bit of a set back 4 weeks before the marathon when I strained my IT band insertion at the knee.  This caused me to stop running or training in any form.  Not the best preparation and tough to watch all your new running buddies racking up the miles, then successfully running Boston or London and me warding off the negative thinking about if I’m going to actually get to the start line.  Stubborn as a donkey I had a cortisone injection in the knee 2 weeks out.  I don’t recommend those as I believe in full rehab, but I wanted to run and it did reduce the pain.  I rocked to the start line in Providence last weekend at least being able to jog.


RACE DAY: 3rd May

So what was the best piece of advice for running i had before and after that i should have heeded:  Start slowly!

Yup you got it ….. i started slightly quicker than the pace i was running 4 weeks and no training prior.  Not helped by an over enthusiastic 3:30 pacer who clearly had one to many energy shots before the race.  The funny thing is he still hadn’t come in when i finished … Karma!

  • It was exciting to be standing on the start line … my first competitive (well not so competitive anymore) race in 11 years.
  • I have to say that it all stated well, the route is undulating with a couple of cheeky hills every 3 or so miles just to remind you that its not all an easy day out but a challenge.
  • Then about mile 19 the knee and me started tightening up.  Some down to my mad pace going through the half in 1:39 and the other in part down to the ole knee starting to knot / lock.
  • Not to be proud, but it did reduce me to walking, something i really didn’t want to do. Well more of a forced Army style march (back to my infantry youth).
  • I knew the time i needed to achieve and knew that with 3 miles to go that i was in danger of loosing the challenge.  It meant I could no longer walk at 11.25 min miles to succeed.  I had to run / hobble.
No Pain No Gain
No Pain No Gain


Whilst it was painful and I’m sure not a pretty sight, it was here that i realized that i was loving it and i knew that i would achieve my goal.  Not some ray of light moment, but throughout all the mess and the pain, here i was, a skinny track runner, doing something i had never done and despite the adverse conditions i was beating it and loving it.

Just shows what the human body can do and i challenge you all to push your limits.  You always have more in reserve than you think!!

Running through the line was pure elation.  As good as winning the national mile champs … Yes.  Why? Because i achieved

The time of 3:41, just beat mum, but more importantly I beat my goal!

A winner
A winner

Did it have time to celebrate.  Unfortunately not, I had a 2pm flight from Boston and an hour drive to the airport.  It was 12pm.

Thanks to the kind Delta crew who saw me hobbling like a loony and upgraded me when I told them I’d run a marathon a few hours previously!

I did get my celebration in that evening.  A few bottles of the bubbly stuff and then a few packs of SOS (hangover recovery) before i crashed for the evening and the best sleep I’ve had in months.

To those of you who have run a marathon, well done i salute you.  To those thinking of doing it …  The hardest part is starting the training!!

Time to open that scrap book again mum and put in one more race number … well maybe a few more, i quite like this marathon adventure and thanks for the inspiration!!

I’m a marathoner 🙂








The importance of self massage in recovery

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The Importance of Self Massage in Recovery:

Recovery is vital to performance. The body needs time to repair itself. Self massage and proper hydration are the keys to the door.

This month we have teamed up with the team at Addaday who have kindly offered to give away several of their cool massage stix. We have been using one and they rock.  We will also throw in a months supply of the new SOS because you know the importance of hydration in keeping muscles loose!  Share and tag this post #sosaddaday to be in for a chance to win.


Perfect mix, SOS with Addaday
Perfect mix, SOS with Addaday

Here Addaday’s distinguished PT, Robert Forster explains the benefits:


Every physical therapist wants you to know that your body needs attention every day for it to continue to function properly throughout life. Whether you exercise regularly or not, everyday life leaves your muscles tired and tight, and your joints off center. Stretching and self massage techniques are the key tools to mitigate the physical toll of everyday life, and of your workouts.

With athletes and desk workers alike, much of our work is focused on mitigating the damaging effects of daily activities. Long days, poorly-designed chairs, and poor posture all work to corrupt your alignment and stress your joints.

So why should we use self massage??


1) Increase circulation: Manipulation of the muscles causes the blood vessels to dilate and pump more blood into the muscles and fascia.


  • Before Exercise: warms up the tissues and make them more pliable to stretching, and less prone to injury.
  • After Exercise: flushes the residue of exercise (i.e. metabolic waste products) from the muscles to hasten recovery.


2) Treats Connective Tissue scarring and muscular adhesions, which result from normal training and body imbalances.


  • Before Exercise: breaks down dysfunctional scarring that forms as your body attempts to heal from the stress of your previous workouts. Helps create functional scarring that makes you more resilient to injury.
  • After Exercise: relaxes tired and tight muscles, works out the knots (muscle spasms) that occur when muscles are overtaxed.


3) Sensory Stimulation from the proprietary, textured surfaces of massage tools stimulate the nervous system to create a reflex relaxation of the muscles, much the same way acupressure works.


  • Before Exercise: works out the knots and relaxes the small muscle spasms, known as trigger points, which result from workouts and daily life and interfere with proper muscle and joint function.
  • After Exercise: relaxes muscle spasm that occurs in fatigued or overtaxed muscles.


“Recovery is when your body actually grows stronger and more efficient. It is when the benefits of your hard training are realized. Working hard is easy, everyone knows how to work hard, but those who work hard at recover are the ones who win,”

— Bob Kersee, the most successful track & field coach, with over 50 Olympic medal-winning performances.


Only during recovery does your fitness grow. Workouts don’t build fitness, they break your body down, and only if you allow recovery time and actively help your tissues heal, do you become stronger and more fit.


Hydration the SOS way
Hydration the SOS way

Recovery is not laying on the sofa eating comfort food. There is nothing passive about recovery. Recovery is an active process where light “adaptation” workouts stimulate recovery better than rest alone. Light workouts are akin to the self-cleaning oven, where the heat is turned up to burn off the residue from cooking but no roast is placed inside. Light workouts provide the body the same opportunity to do house cleaning functions without having to recover from the damaging effects of a new workout. With the increased core temperature associated with recovery workouts, your body sets into motion an army of heat shock proteins that immediately go to work repairing an rebuilding tissues damaged by training.


With light activity, the vascular system is stimulated to increase blood flow to the muscles, delivering oxygen and nutrients to aide recovery. The muscle cells, stimulated by a release of hormones, step up the reparative functions and grow stronger. Similar occurrences improve connective tissue and bone repair as well. Stretching and self massage efforts before and particularly after light recovery workouts are more productive when unencumbered by the tightness that would otherwise occur following hard workouts. In this way, your stretching efforts go further toward elongating connective tissue and helping tendons and ligaments heal and grow stronger. A good indication of when your structural system is recovered and ready for another hard workout is when the stiffness from the last hard workout is absent.


Self-massage, with the use of massage sticks and rollers, is one of the best methods to aide recovery after workouts. Manipulation of the muscles and tissues increases blood flow, breaks down muscle and connective tissue adhesions, and promotes adaptation of these tissues to withstand the rigors of your training as you progress toward your goals.

You will feel the fatigue and tension leave your body. When coupled with stretching and icing sore areas, these self-recovery techniques can make a very significant contribution to the adaptive process you seek, along with increased fitness.


Add that to some properly hydrated muscles and your recovery has just gained in effectiveness!

What is Addaday:  Scientifically-designed massage sticks, foam rollers, bodywork balls, and a flexible massage device called the Boomerang, all incorporate varied surface textures and shapes designed to release muscle and tendon adhesions, and provide a daily realignment of your joints.



When to take SOS by founders James & Tom

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When to take SOS?

As we know hydration is vital, knowing when to take SOS will help you hydrate effectively and you compete to your potential.  Here are some tips from the two founders and runners James and Tom.


Those were the days ...
Those were the days …


It is important to be hydrated before exercise or competition, hence it is vital to know your hydration/nutrition needs. To be reminded then check out http://sosrehydrate.com/knowing-hydration-status/

Know your sweat rate, work out conditions and hydrate accordingly. We suggest taking an SOS in a water bottle sipped about an hour before.

The great thing about SOS is that it gets absorbed super quickly meaning that it wont loiter in your stomach giving you a stitch later.



During competition, depending on the intensity here are our suggestions:


Road, marathon and ultra runners:

Those running anything over 10km, then we suggest you pre mix some SOS in a bit of water as a concentrate to add to your drinks on route.

SOS is not suggested to be drank with gels as the excess sugar affects the absorption.  It’s ok to use as a rinse to get rid of the gloopy gel.  Keep 15 min either side of a gel for best possible absorption.  After all gels aren’t needed for events under 1hr of duration.

Have 1 SOS per few hours of running.  This will not only keep you hydrated, but will ward off leg cramps.  SOS helps absorb the water faster than water alone, then liquid wont be sloshing around your stomach, rather it will be set to work where its needed most.


Middle and long distance track:

The founders former events.  Those middle and long distance track runners haven’t got time and its not needed during the race but ensure you are hydrated before and especially after.

SOS 800m Track Classic
SOS 800m Track Classic 2014


SOS is great between rounds. Citrate buffers lactic acid, sodium keeps you hydrated for longer, potassium and magnesium will aid muscle contraction and prevent fatigue.


Field eventers and jumpers:

Its hot out there in the middle of the track and you are getting dehydrated just sitting there waiting for your next round.  Take a bottle mixed with SOS to keep you hydrated throughout the competition.



As soon as competition has been completed then take an SOS with a water bottle.  This will replace lost electrolytes, the citrates will buffer the lactate and the magnesium will aid recovery.

SOS is based off proven medical and sports science, it provides what you need while you are running.


Where else are electrolyte drinks handy?


Flights:  Immobility, decreased air moisture are some of the factors that lead to dehydration and jetlag while flying. Drinking an SOS just before landing will hydrate you faster, aid recovery from jet lag and help you adapt to the environment quicker.

SOS flying


Stomach upset: Especially relevant when traveling abroad for competition. Nausea, vomit, diarrhea, bloating and stomach cramps will decrease performance. SOS’ formula activates a mechanism in your gut that absorbs water faster, hydrating you faster when you need it.

Hangovers:  You have completed your ambition, won your personal race and now its time to celebrate!  Alcohol dehydrates you and hangovers are mainly dehydration related.  Take an SOS before you end your nights celebrations to help get you back to normal.

Lifestyle survival

Is SOS Informed Sport ratified?


We are as anti drug as you are and want to ensure our athletes are safe from any banned substances creeping into our products.

SOS Rehydrate logo

What is SOS?

SOS was created by mixing James and Tom’s elite running experience with Blanca’s medical knowledge. Based on the World Health Organization (WHO) Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) standards and the American College of Sports Medicine recommendations, SOS provides the optimum amount of electrolytes with the fastest possible absorption capabilities for athletes.


Happy Running

James and Tom


Knowing your hydration status

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Knowing your hydration status is key to performing at your peak.

The great news is that it isn’t rocket science.  SOS founder Dr Blanca gives us some top tips

SOS Rehydrate

Knowing your hydration status

There is no rule of thumb when it comes to hydration. Everybody is different and has different needs. Learn to listen to your body.

The best way to assess your hydration status is through your urine.

1 – Understand that when you are hydrated you should be urinating a similar volume to what you are drinking.

2 – Urine color: by urinating light clear urine you will know that you are properly hydrated. Dark, orange and small amount of urine reflects dehydration.


Are you a salty sweater?

Not everybody needs to consume the same amount of sodium. There are some signs that can help you realize how much of a sodium sweater are you:

  1. a) Muscle cramps: sodium, chloride and potassium are the main electrolytes involved in muscle contraction. When any of these electrolytes are low or when there is not enough muscle perfusion due to dehydration the muscle contractility process will be impaired.
  2. b) After drying, your clothes will have white lines on your clothes
  3. c) When getting sweat in your eyes they will burn or even your sweat will taste salty

Dehydration affects performance

Next time you need hydrating remember these easy steps and hydrate accordingly.

To learn more about the science of SOS check out our science page www.sosrehydrate.com

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