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SOS Welcomes NZ Sailors Gemma Jones, Jason Saunders, and Social Elite Runners Club

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Meet our newest SOS Champions!

Jason Saunders was one of the crew of our successful RB Youth Americas Cup Champions Team NZL Sailing with ETNZ.
He is back sailing the Nacra 17 class with his colleague Gemma Jones in their quest for the Rio Olympics.


Joining them is the SoCal Elite Running club who focuses on bringing up talent to national level in the SOCal region.


We welcome all 3 to our rehydrated world!

Want to find out more then check out their bios below:

Jason Saunders

23 years old. Jason tarted sailing at 9, represented New Zealand for the first time at 15 at the optimist world championships. Placed 5th in the 470 class at the London Olympics and now sail the Nacra 17 Olympic class catamaran with Gemma Jones. Jason was also a member of our successful RB Youth Americas Cup Champions Team – NZL sailing with ETNZ.

Gemma Jones

19 years old. Started sailing at 9 and went through the junior classes until she made the move into a catamaran at 17. Came 5th in the SL 16 catamaran at the youth worlds and now sail with Jason in the Nacra 17 Olympic class catamaran where we placed 9th in our first worlds together.


SoCal Elite Running Club

The SoCal Elite Running Club was founded in 2013 to raise the bar within the running community in Southern California. Its objective is to assist runners in reaching their competitive running goals by providing structure that allows significant improvement in their post collegiate careers. Since its arrival SCERC has already helped underdeveloped athletes become competitive on a national as well as the International level in cross-country, road and marathon racing. SoCal Elite Running Club will serve as that platform for southern California athletes who need direction and guidance to achieve their goals. These goals will be catered to the progressive development of each athlete.



The Holiday “Lifestyle Survival” Guide

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Luckily for you January is the month for detoxing! However, to get to January, first we have to survive the Holiday season.

Tis the time of parties, reunions, family gatherings… and why not? It’s the end of the year and you deserve it!!

SOS Rehydrate - Rehydration Water Bottle

More often than not the holiday season leads to an increase in alcohol consumption and when you over indulge you can feel rotten the next morning.

Why is that?

Well apart from alcohol being not the best for you, alcohol is also a diuretic. A diuretic is a substance that promotes the production of urine. Add caffeineted drinks to that (which are also diuretics) and that just doubles the problem. That means that whilst you may be feeling brilliant in the moment, they are at the same time draining your body of its electrolytes and water.

Hangovers therefore are partly dehydration related. You need to rehydrate! By rehydrating with the correct balance of electrolytes and water you will help eliminate some of those ugly mornings.

What to do?

Easy! Rehydrate with SOS. It has the correct balance of electrolytes and sugar to rehydrate you fast and effectively. Sports drinks only add to the effects of a hangover due to their high sugar content and lack of the correct balance of electrolytes.

Take an SOS packet with water before you go to bed and then again in the morning. We are not saying it will save you completely, but it will at least deal with the dehydration which, as we have mentioned, is one of the main factors of a hangover.

SOS Rehydrate Box - Lifestyle Survival

If all else fails then hold on, hang in, and enjoy the holidays!

SOS is: lifestyle survival

P.s As a side note SOS does not condone excessive or under age alcohol consumption.

New Rehydrated Champion – Tom Muffler

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SOS is really pleased to welcome Tom Muffler to our rehydrated champions.  Not only is he a great driver and bloke, but he also races for the Amred Forces Mororsports Race Team.

Supporting our troops is something that is very close to SOS founders hearts as one of them (James) served in the British Military for 6 years.

As such we were super excited to have Tom on board and congratulate him for all his hard work towards our troops.

SOS would also like to thank our troops for their day to day heroism, dedication and keeping us safe.

Tom Muffler

Toms Bio:
Tom entered the world of motorsports early in the 1990’s by competing in Go-Karts. Tom quickly realized Karting success and earned the class championship in his first year of participation. Karting’s solid foundation eased the transition into racing a Formula Ford in the Skip Barber Racing Series.

Tom retired from auto racing in the late 1990’s to pursue family life, his entrepreneurial ambitions and started a career as a professional fire fighter. He went from fast cars, to fast trucks! Racing has always been a passion and he kept his dream alive to someday return to the sport. Tom will be joining the IndyCar Series in 2014, driving in the Cooper Tires USF2000 Championship Series, powered by Mazda. Tom will be driving an open-wheel, single-seat, open-cockpit car with front and rear wings.  Powered by the Mazda MZR 2-liter powerplant – a four-cylinder, double-overhead cam, fuel-injected engine generating approximately 170 horsepower is capable of powering the car to speeds of 150 mph.

Tom Muffler

Tom’s history of giving back to the community is as great a passion as his need for speed. He needed to use his race car and team to reach out to Veterans, to show that we appreciate them, and care for them. Tom Uses his racing exposure and promotional background as a way to honor and support our Service Members, to raise awareness about Military PTSD, and to support those Heroes who suffer from these invisible wounds of war.
“I am very proud to be a driver for the United States Armed Forces Motorsports Racing Team. I am racing to honor and support our Veterans, to raise awareness of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in our military, and support our active duty troops and Veterans who suffer from these invisible wounds of war.”



Follow:  #sos4heroes

SOS Rehydrate – The Story so Far and What’s Coming

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Our 6 month anniversary of the birth of SOS is fast approaching and what a fun ride its been!

We really appreciate all our rehydrated world community support and look forward to continued growth as we continue to push the boundaries of hydration.

Here is the full article where co-founder James Mayo discusses the SOS story so far and its plans for the future with Andrew Patterson for the Business Insider Series during a recent trip to New Zealand.


The full story here:  http://www.interest.co.nz/business/67003/andrew-patterson-talks-james-mayo-sos-hydration-about-how-he-building-his-business-us






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Starting the first in a series of blogs about Mental Toughness and Training, SOS Champion, Ashley Relf dives into 2 Key Reasons Why All Athletes Need to Drink Up:

Proper hydration is absolutely critical for mental toughness, which is required to achieve optimal results.

1. Even moderate dehydration can result in moving more sluggishly, decreased concentration, negative thoughts, and frustration. This directly impacts mental toughness, which in turn impacts physical performance. Proper hydration will improve your mind so that it’s always on your side. Gulp!

2. Mental fatigue often comes before physical fatigue. You must stay properly hydrated in order to apply your full mental energy and focus to your body so that it can continue to propel you. Gulp!

I would like to raise my SOS water bottle and give a special toast to SOS for keeping me properly hydrated. Stay hydrated and mentally tough!

Ashley Relf, MA Performance Coach TrainCompeteGetFaster™ San Francisco, California and SOS champion


Good luck in the National Duathlon Champs this weekend!!






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