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How Much Water Should You Drink?

Starting your run dehydrated can make your training harder than it needs to be, while also slowing down recovery. But how much water should you be drinking before and after runs? Water is our body’s principle chemical component. Every cell, tissue and organ in your body requires water to function, and it makes up around… Keep Reading

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The Best Dogs for Distance Runners

Written for Runner’s Tribe & The Source by Sam Burke – Veterinarian, BVMS. Lonely on those long runs? Want a training partner who doesn’t speak? Sounds awesome right?! A well-trained dog might be just what you are after. But buyers beware, not many dogs can handle long runs over hilly terrain, on a consistent basis. I’ve read a lot… Keep Reading

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PODCAST + GIVEAWAY: 5x IndyCar Champion Scott Dixon

Scott Dixon has won 5 IndyCar Championships, the Indy500, and has the most career wins of any current IndyCar driver. The physical demands experienced by IndyCar drivers are unlike almost no other. Traveling at speeds that cover the distance of a football field in under a second, drivers have to be incredibly strong to endure upwards of 5… Keep Reading


How To Help Sore Muscles After Running

The Ice Bath has long been associated with recovery from running. The theory goes that the cold water helps to reduce inflammation in our sore and beat-up muscles. Fortunately, it looks as though recovery from your marathon training may be a lot more enjoyable. Running is hard enough as it is, so adding in 10-minutes… Keep Reading


Why You Don’t Feel Thirsty Running In The Cold

Sometimes the last thing you feel like doing after returning from a run in the cold is hydrating. The same exact run in summer may have you headed straight to a cold drink, yet hydrating in winter is often forgotten as we often don’t feel thirsty. The danger of not feeling as thirsty in winter… Keep Reading


The Difference Between FUEL And HYDRATION In A Marathon

Performance in a marathon is about controlling the controllable. Train hard, recover well and the variables associated with fitness are minimised. Practice pace judgement and the likelihood that you reach your goal begins to increase. Fuel and hydrate properly and you maximise the chances of avoiding ‘the wall’ or the myriad of other names associated with… Keep Reading


Mountain Runner Joseph Gray Wins 13th National Title

Published on TrailRunner.com Written by Nancy Hobbs & Lin Gentling. Photos by Richard Bolt. Today’s USATF Half Marathon Trail Championships in Hayward, Wisconsin, saw a familiar face in Joseph Gray winning his 13th national title. The 33-year-old from Colorado Springs, CO, bested a competitive field to take the win with a time of 1:10:11. “I… Keep Reading

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The Ultimate Ocean Marathon

The Volvo Ocean Race is the ultimate ocean marathon, pitting the sport’s best sailors against each other across the world’s toughest oceans. The legendary race that began in 1973 will start from Alicante, Spain in October 2017 and finish in The Hague, Netherlands in June 2018. Featuring almost three times as much Southern Ocean sailing… Keep Reading


Which sporting event has the most extreme energy expenditure?

Written By Asker Jeukendrup for mysportscience.com Follow Asker on Twitter @Jeukendrup It is often said that the Tour de France is perhaps the most gruelling endurance event on the planet. The same is sometimes said about Ironman. We saw in my previous blog that energy expenditure in the Tour de France averages almost 6000 kcal per day for… Keep Reading

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